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Announcing the release of the first edition collector's copy of


Written by Randy Rush with Ingrid Ricks


I could feel my throat muscles constricting and heard Filina’s voice urging me to breathe as the call center operator began rattling off a series of verification questions. She asked me my name, where I lived, and when and where I had purchased the ticket. She also had me read the security number off the ticket and then put me on hold so she could run some security checks on her end—including viewing surveillance video—to corroborate the information I’d provided.


“Just breathe,” Filina instructed again as I clung to the phone, waiting for the security checks to be completed. “It’s going to be fine.”


After three or four minutes that lasted an eternity, the woman’s voice was back.


“You are now the registered winner,” she announced. “It’s official.”

-- Randy Rush, author, social justice advocate and 2015 winner of the $50 Million Canadian Lotto Max Jackpot




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Meet Randy

Randy Rush is the epitome of the “nice guy” who refuses to finish last. Randy learned young that his big heart, big personality and his undeniable wild streak were not to be tamed. Despite growing up poor, struggling in school, and relying on welfare more than once, Randy never let his humble beginnings define him.  Likewise, Randy has not let his lottery windfall define him either.  Randy’s motto is: "How can you measure a man by all that he has;  You can have the world and still lose your soul."  Randy is not defined by what he now has, but rather by how he can contribute to social justice causes in a world urgently in need.    

Lightning struck the day Randy ran to the corner store to pick up cat food for his beloved 27-pound Maine Coon cat lovingly named “Conway Kitty.” Randy decided to present his pocketful of old lotto tickets to the cashier with no expectation of winning.  His world changed as he stood at the cash register watching the cashier’s jaw drop as she told him he had won $50 million in the Canadian Lotto Max jackpot.  The odds of winning were thirteen billion to one. Randy immediately quit his job and gathered his family of friends to share the news.  More importantly, he pledged not to squander this great gift and to elevate his meaning and purpose in life.

When a close friend entangled him in an intricate con that took him for nearly $5 million, Randy discovered the unfortunate truth about white-collar crime—it affects everyone from the working class to the wealthy.  The con men of white- collar crime hit struggling people of color as well as the white establishment.   More often than not, social justice does not prevail, and the criminals go unpunished.  

Determined to use his great gift for social good, Randy decided to take the resources his wealth assures him, to help those less fortunate—fighting back against white-collar crime and other social injustices. This book marks the beginning of the next phase of Randy’s life journey to make a positive difference in our world.   He asks his readers to buckle up for the wild ride that unfolds in the first edition of his memoir 13 Billion To One, available world-wide on June 24, 2020.



"A thrilling remembrance by a fighter of white-collar crime." -- Kirkus Reviews

" debut memoir....readers will enjoy this rags-to-riches memoir about bringing a con artist to justice." -- BookLife

"...Readers will find 13 Billion to One a delightful read--one that also includes an invaluable cautionary tale about people and money...The story is nicely balanced, well organized, and crisply told, and the author is a sympathetic figure who finally seems to have found his purpose..." -- BlueInk Reviews

"Randy Rush's engaging memoir 13 Billion to One is about a win so big that the resultant money seemed absorbing memoir about a windfall that leads to considerations of what really matters in life." -- Foreword Clarion Reviews

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